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Debbie reached out, wanting to update her basement suite that she has for family and friends.  

She wanted help figuring out a practical and functional floor plan and how to create a more welcoming, bright space. 

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Our end goal was to have a space that felt like a "home away from home"

We wanted to brighten up the rooms, balance the space and declutter.  Creating a cohesive flow with pops of teal and blue throughout the bedroom and living spaces. Updating art, furniture, and decor. Organizing and styling the kitchen so it became more practical and easier to access. 


Bright, airy, and hints of earthy touches. 

Practical for both Debbie and her guests to enjoy. 

A floor plan that made sense and opened the living/kitchen area. 

Creating balance by updating accents and decor, to flow with the rest of the furniture that was staying.


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