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Bobbi reached out, needing help in two main areas. The entryway, which never received the love she hoped for, and the room off to the side of the entryway.



I knew that in order to create a welcoming entryway, we needed to update the lighting and a few decor pieces.

We simplified, decluttered and added some texture to the space. The room off to the side, we decided, was best suited for a family-entertaining room. We needed to add new furniture to accommodate the purpose of the space as well as add a few personal touches.


Practical, functional, and fun!

Simple furniture that was versatile and cozy for the family to enjoy together. 

Bobbi had collected pieces over the years, so it was a matter of seeing what she had and intentionally placing, updating, and adding to the spaces if needed to create a cohesive flow. 

We wanted to keep the home simple, yet intriguing and welcoming. 

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